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Ion Exchange Resin

China’s Best Ion Exchange Resin Manufacturer

Looking for the right treatment solution? Bid wave to industry’s most reputable ion exchange resin manufacturer in China, Rongkepolymer. We deal in providing the best ion exchange resins in a gigantic variety of sizes, structures, and compositions. We also design and manufacture water treatment filling materials, water treatment equipment, and can supply the turnkey service on water treatment projects as well.

Our manufactured ion exchange resins are generally used in groundwater remediation, drinking water treatment, drinking water mercury removal, and wastewater treatment. Other products include specialty media for trace metal removal, industrial process water ion exchange resin, and ion exchange resin for industrial applications.

The ion exchange resins manufactured in our company, are highly applicable for institutional application, and features uniform beads that exhibit faster kinetics than conventionally sized resins and helps improving regeneration efficiency, and higher operating capacity.

Specifications of Our Ion Exchange

Being a reputable ion exchange resin manufacturer, we take it our utmost duty to provide products which are versatile and applicable for multiple regards such as;

  • Matrix: ST/DVB
  • Type: Gel
  • Demineralization,
  • Functional group: Quaternary amine, type I,
  • Ionic form: hydroxide or chloride form
  • Appearance: light yellow translucent Spherical beads

As we are the leading ion exchange resin manufacturer, we acknowledge the worth of proper economical industrial water treatment, and how essential it is for efficiency and overall success and daily progress of your business. For your assurance, we bet our ion exchange resin technologies are the most innovative and effective in the industry, and we keep engaged in finding advanced solutions to make your deal a successful one.
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