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12 D402 Macroporous Polystyrene Chelating Resin

12 D402 Macroporous Polystyrene Chelating Resin

 Reference Indexes for Operation:

  1.  PH Range:                         6-11
  2. Operating Temp (℃):                0℃-100℃
  3.  Operating Flow Rate:                15-45(m/hr)
  4.  Structure:                         Amino phosphoric acid


Each PE lined with plastic bag, net weight:    25 L

Each drum lined with plastic bag, net weight:  35 KG


It is widely used in the treatment of waste water containing heavy metal ions.

It has high selectivity for multi-valence metal ions.

D402 is favorable to remove hardness from bring in chlor-alkali industry.


D402   Macroporous Polystyrene Chelating Resin

Applicable Standard of Product:  Q/320281NAN06-1997

 Indexes of Physical and Chemical Properties:


Total Exchange Capacity    meq/g≥ Chelated Calcium≥1.45
Volume Exchange Capacity  meq/ml≥ Chelated Calcium≥0.5
Water Retention           % 50-60
Bulk Density             g/ml 0.70-0.80
Special Density           g/ml 1.15-1.25
Particle Size              % (0.315-1.10mm)≥95
Effect Size         mm 0.50-0.70
Homogeneous Coefficient   ≤ 1.60  max
Ionic Form Na
Appearance Light yellow bead
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